Bernard Brown

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Bernard Brown, long-time teacher of law at Auckland University, was born in feudal Tory Suffolk into a Labour Party household. As a schoolboy army cadet he was seconded as a bandsman to the British Army of the Rhine. Conscripted into the RAF in 1956 (‘Suez Crisis’), he was shunted past Egypt to Singapore where he ‘saw action’ (of a kind) on the streets and in the Malayan jungle. On gaining a local discharge he joined the University of Singapore but, as readers will discern, clashed with ‘the new order’. Before moving on he experienced an RAF Reserve recall ‘on special service’ to Beirut – the exact nature of which continues to puzzle him. The 1960s saw him in New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea (shot by a careless arrow) then back to Auckland. Since then he has spent sabbaticals at universities in Britain, written some books, inc. Sensible Sinning, served on law reform bodies and as a member of the Grimshaw Sargeson Trust. He is a life member of the New Zealand Criminal Bar Association and the Legal Research Foundation. In 2017 he was appointed President of Honour of the New Zealand Society of Authors.